Commissioned by Digital Catapult through their CreativeXR programme, Balance is an immersive and interactive music installation that spreads the recording of a chamber ensemble across a physical space. Multiple listeners can access the same sound-world simultaneously, and their movements within the space will affect how the piece is heard by everyone else. The first public showcase of Balance was at the Royal College of Music's Britten Theatre in London, UK, on 01/10/18.

Balance was the first piece written for, and showcased using, the Open Space platform. As a composition intended to be fully explored and deconstructed by its audience, it shares musical material equally across its performers, and considers the idea of music perspective: How can a listener's location affect the way they hear a piece of music?



Clarinet - Matthew Wilsher

Marimba - Harriet Riley

Piano - Georgie Ward

Violin - Kasia Ziminska

Cello - Carola Krebs

Composition - Liam Taylor-West

Production - Aaron May

Recorded at:

Royal College of Music Studios

Recording Engineer - Nick Harding

Coda to Coda Studios

Recording Engineer - Aaron May

Lighting Design - Ralph Stokeld

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